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Rome and Sicily

The Roman Empire was fascinating to me as a young boy. In addition, my grandfather on my mother’s side came by boat from Sicily, bringing his mother with him. I have been told the Ricci family still lives on Sicily, so I will be living in my family’s homeland for a short time.

Rome is another very expensive city, so my plan is to spend only a couple of days there, doing whatever tourist activities I can squeeze in before getting on another plane to Sicily. I have targeted the eastern coast in the Catania region for my 90-day stay.

Rental prices are about the same as in Costa Rica, as are market prices. Restaurants are apparently costlier in Italy. My flight from Athens to Rome will cost about $400 round-trip. Once again, I will need to find a hostel or hotel for a couple of days as I search for an apartment. One thing my research has taught me is it is difficult to find apartments for locals, at local prices, on the Internet, even on Craigslist. You need to be on the ground.

3 Responses to Italy

  1. I really did not know that Italy can be so much costy like. I imagined (since I have never been there yet), that it would be a lot more affordable.
    Hope you will keep us posted with your experience in Italy, so I will know how to plan my trip over there.

  2. askewebb says:

    I can’t wait to see your pictures of Sicily. I’ve never been….

  3. askewebb says:

    If you decide to ride the metro in Rome, the attendants are sticklers when it comes to etiquette. Forewarned is forearmed. Several years ago I was blessed out for sitting “indian style” on the seat while traveling to the lido….so serious!

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