Costa Rica

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The World Tour begins

May 30, 2010

Curtis picked me up this morning from my empty apartment – two large suitcases in tow and a backpack and laptop. After a sideshow-filled trip to Orlando (Curtis likes to get off the interstate at times to browse around.) we arrived at the Hyatt located inside the airport terminal. First-class hotel with airport check-in just down the elevator. Let me tell you, negotiating all my baggage through the parking lot, in and out of several elevators, up escalators, was a challenge, but I wouldn’t let Curtis help because I’ve got to do this myself – in a foreign country – for the next few days. So it was practice. Also decided my suitcases were way too heavy, so I repacked when I got to my room and left several items here when I left. Gifts for the maids. My flight was about 11:30 the next day, so time to check online and to have breakfast. Tonight, Curtis and I are going out for a steak.

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