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Video Reveals Horrific Abuse Inflicted on Blind Trekking Elephant

VIDEO Elephants are losing a vicious battle against the greed of humankind. Despite being herbivores who do not pose a dangerous threat to humans, they are often the target of horrific abuse, torture, and murder. Most people are aware that … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story – Part 2

I was wrong. There were not nine Thais coming over for Christmas dinner and gift-giving. There were 10. And just enough food. Why did i have 10 Thais over for dinner? Pretty selfish, really. I just wanted a better Christmas … Continue reading

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A Christmas story

Except for two years ago when I spent the holidays with my daughter and granddaughter in Asheville – my in-between time before moving to Thailand – Christmas has not been that much of a ‘thing’ for me personally since I … Continue reading

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