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Top 10 hard truths of living as an expat in Thailand

I posted the two articles below on Hua hin Expat News, but I thought my 2Bags followers might also find them interesting – and educational: —————————————– Expat life is what you make it here in the Land of Smiles. Moaning … Continue reading

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Video Reveals Horrific Abuse Inflicted on Blind Trekking Elephant

VIDEO Elephants are losing a vicious battle against the greed of humankind. Despite being herbivores who do not pose a dangerous threat to humans, they are often the target of horrific abuse, torture, and murder. Most people are aware that … Continue reading

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Learning to cook Thai-style

I guess it’s probably normal that if you live in a foreign country and like to cook you will eventually try your hand at local dishes. While Thai food can be complicated sometimes in terms of ingredients, I’m learning some … Continue reading

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