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A peek into Istiqlal’s ‘iftar’ kitchen

All in day’s work: A team of cooks prepare meal boxes for 3,000 people wishing to break the fast, or have a free dinner, at Istiqlal Grand Mosque, Central Jakarta. (JP) SUKASTINI, or Tini as she likes to be called, … Continue reading

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Why I won’t live in Indonesia forever

It seems you just can’t escape the radical religious zealots. In the U.S. they’re busy legislating about women’s bodies and railing against the civil rights of gays. In Indonesia, like in the U.S. of years past (and still in some … Continue reading

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Ladies pool and police raid on Goodies

Ramadan has begun and already things are getting weird. First, we are back to having periodic blackouts once again. The electric utility apparently is having problems with one of its power plants and can’t seem to figure out how to … Continue reading

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