Rain, rain, rain in Luang Prabang

Our first day in Luang Prabang is beset with a steady downpour, from daybreak. It’s now mid-afternoon and it’s not letting up.

We had intended to go to the textile-making village Ban Phanom but maybe tomorrow instead of the waterfall. I was not going to let a little rain, however, prevent me from exploring a little, so off I went with a small umbrella and my camera wrapped in a plastic bag.

Turns out that the street outside out hotel is loaded with restaurants and shops, so I scoped out a couple of Lao restaurants for dinners. My Spartan breakfast caught up with me so decided to stop for a pizza. Yes, I know, I’m in Laos, not Italy, but I was craving pizza. Had a small Lao beer ($1.50). Also bought a second umbrella.

These photos were taken in a constant rain from underneath an umbrella, so color quality is not great. Not done walking around in the rain just yet, though.

I found these structures within a block

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This temple (wat) included a large Buddha inside and ornate paintings on all the walls. It also features some beautifully ornate window shutters.


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