Moving time again

When you move as much as I have over the past 8 years, you kind of get into a rhythm of what to pack and what to throw. My latest move, however, did not include such drastic  measures, as I moved down the street.

The reason for the move was bad Thai neighbors. There had been some conflict already (I was physically attacked by two men on New Year’s Eve at my own house) and I could not let it escalate – because I would lose as an expat.

The houses around me were occupied by Thai families, the adults working in their homes to provide the clothes for local tailor operations. This meant constant motorcyle traffic in front of my house and their trash in the streets from both the tailoring and their kids just dumping their snack wrappers and water bottles wherever thay wanted.

I needed to move and found another townhouse two blocks away for slightly less rent. It was not as well stocked, however, as the house I moved from, so there was some shopping required (new washing machine, lots of kitchen stuff). The lower rent wil pay for the purchases over time.

I did have a problem with a ceiling fan and the refrigerator. After some discussion, a bigger, better refrigerator was brought in. The ceiling fan was fixed the day after I mentioned it. The owner helped do the fridge exchange and wanted me to know he cared about my needs – several times touching his heart with his hand and then touching mine. He speaks only Thai and I speak only English.

(Later note: The second frig did not work either. The owner bought a new one the same day.)

I have already noticed how much quieter the new place is, and also much closer to the main road where I walk to almost daily to run errands.

Here are some shots of the new home:

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