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I haven’t been getting around much lately, for a variety of reasons, but today I decided to walk to the soi 88 food court, maybe 1/2-3/4 mile away. It’s an interesting walk, in that there is virtually nowhere for you to walk on either side of the road. Vehicles whiz inches by you constantly.

And the road is busy. And the motorbikes are constantly cutting inside vehicles, and into whatever pedestrian area there once was.

After a  while, you are brought into the rhythm of the traffic flow, the constant gyrations made by all parties, almost as if choreographed.

I got my head straight, loaded up an empty Coke bottle, put on the music, and started limping along to my destination. Yeah, with severe pain from my right calf. Been going on for more than two weeks. Hip the same.

Anyway, the more I walked, the less the pain was. I noticed a food stall along the way I hadn’t seen before. They were selling corn-based muffins, of different varieties and fillings. When they told me the prices, I started ordering berserkingly.

Which was my mistake, because I didn’t get everything I wanted. But I was not charged for what I didn’t get. But what I did get, so far, is excellent.

One was a four-fingered corn puff that I thought I had ordered 4 of, and now wish I had. True, I’m getting these right from the frying pan, on a street smothered in traffic, but it was the best of these I’ve had here. It was enhanced by a vanilla custard I also wisely bought, along with a chocolate custard yet to be tasted. The custard was excellent.

Lastly, I purchased one each of four different filled corn pastries. Had to try one. Started it with the custard, since it was so good, before I realized the pastry, totally hollow, had a sweet cream inside. Outstanding. Three more to go tomorrow.

All fine and good, but not the real reason for this post. Like I said, I saw the pastry stand while heading to soi 88 to find some dinner, and tomorrow’s lunch. I was specifically looking for a cart that sold duck and crispy pork, with noodles or rice. I wanted one of each. Actually, I wanted both on both.

He wasn’t there.

So I ‘settled’ for the usual pork leg on rice, and tried something old/new – the fried egg omellete thing, mine with pork and chicken. Too big for the syrofoam container.

On the way back, the pastry stall was still there, so I stopped. When I tried to ask the woman a question in English, she immediately called for probably her husband. He came running out and tried to tell me what each pastry was, the only word I’m understanding being ‘chocolate,’

“How much?” I asked in Thai. The filled pastries were 4 baht each (8c). I spent 36 baht. I had 40 baht and said to keep the extra.

The man would not have it. His wife handed me the small change.

And the food is good.

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