Shingles and the medicine man-Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed going to a local herbal medicine man to have a case of shingles treated. Who knew my having chicken pox when I was 9 would cause me to have shingles now?

The first visit I was told was one of three. After skipping yesterday, however, I thought maybe I got the communication wrong. Easy to do here. But, no, I was hustled once again today to see the medicine man.

When we arrived, he was treating a crying baby for what seemed like a stomach ache. It was then I realized my doc could not stand straight. He walked at a 90-degree angle, always looking at the ground.

Anyway, he went through the same routine of ‘blowing’ a white substance on my rash. He literally drinks the liquid and then sprays it on you with his mouth. Then the orange-brown ointment was applied to the rash.

This time I brought a real camera:


Non’s friend outside the ‘doctor’s’ office. No really, this is his office.


Where the medical help occurs – the main (only?) office. Doctor’s bench on the right.


The doc loves his birds, even though it must be really hard to see them given his twisted body. I counted at least 7 different kinds, among maybe 15 cages.


The doc’s work bench


This is the doc’s permanent posture. Here he is pouring the white liquid that he will spray on my rash.


I have n idea what is in these, although I think the clear liquid may be alcohol. The salve I’m guessing in tumeric-based but I have no idea what else is in it.


Just a cute dog next to doc’s house that was pure mean when I tried to be friendly.

The jury is still out on whether this herbal treatment is working. Seems to me the rash is worse, but not bailing yet.

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