Feeding the fish on a 4-year-old’s birthday

There I was, minding my own business, no literally, working on my news feed for the day for huahinexpatnews.com. Four motorcycles showed up at my front gate, loaded with 13 people, one being my friend Non, who was off work for the day.

“We’re going to feed the fish,” she told me via her phone translator. “Do you want to come?”

I’m a deadline kind of guy, so I said I had to finish. But as they were leaving, I recognized it was a unique opportunity, and that the work could wait. There were 12 women/girls and one young boy. This was going to be fun.

But I did have to get on the back of a motorcycle for a long ride in traffic and then on dusty roads. Our destination was a temple west of Hua Hin, where we had been previously. At that time, we also visited an elephant village behind the temple, where a mahoot took some memorable shots of me and an elephant.

There were so many parts to this adventure, I’m just going to post the photos below, with commentary.


This is our group, Non back row middle. I don’t know anyone’s name.


Our destination – a temple fish pond. These ponds are amazing. So many big tilapia, perch and catfish. Drives me crazy!

The geese, ducks and pigeons were plentiful


The geese, ducks and pigeon were plentiful.


Feeding the fish – on the way to the pond we stopped at a pet food store for about 15 pounds of fish food – $2.



You will see a number of photos of this little girl, who turned 4 today. She has the best personality and very bright.



After we threw all that food into the pond, the group decided to rest at the kids playground. I decided to walk around and found this makeshift Muay Thai setup. That’s Thai kick boxing.


After I took this photo and started to leave, a man, maybe 55-60, came over and motioned for me to stay and take pictures. He was going to show me his kick moves. I thought he was going to work on the big bag. He didn’t.


Following are a few shots of him trying to kick the water bottle above his head and me trying to time the shots to his kicks. We both had mixed results.



Missed it!


I missed it but bottle goes flying

DSC_1338 2

A female Buddhist nun on cigarette break


This is where the group ate a light lunch, at those tables on the right. There were 13 people eating, more than 20 dishes ordered because the portions were small. Total tab: 230 baht, or $6.

DSC_1341 2

OK, remember that guy with Muay Thai? This is the same guy. He saw me walking with my camera and asked me to take this photo.



The group for food


I wasn’t hungry, so I decided to explore while the others ate. Like I said, we had been here before, but now I had the opportunity to look a bit more closely.


Like this piece outside the monastery.

DSC_1346DSC_1347DSC_1348 2


These wooden figurines of elephants and horses are in a tree planter behind a statue.



I’m not quite sure what to make of this makeshift Buddhist alter.


This just seems so incongruous – a beautiful Banyan tree next to an aluminum water tank.

DSC_1355DSC_1362DSC_1360 2


Quiz: Is the rooster on a wire or a step?

DSC_1358 2DSC_1357DSC_1356

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