Two nights of authentic Thai food

My Thai meals generally consist of something simple that can be put in a plastic bag or Styrofoam container. I don’t go to restaurants for sit-down meals because I don’t like to eat by myself in public.

So when the opportunity to go out for local food came up yesterday, I was, of course, all in. Didn’t even have to know where.

The occasion was the visit of my girlfriend’s daughter from Phitsanulok. Sai brought her boyfriend (name never given me). Problem was transportation. None of us would consider calling a 4-wheel taxi, what with having a motorcycle on hand. I suggested walking a quarter mile to the main rode. The reaction was not good.

So I let them concoct whatever they were going to concoct – in Thai so I had no idea what was going on. Girlfriend leaves with Sai and her boyfriend. I think they’re going to get food to bring back.

Then the girlfriend shows up with no one on board. I hopped on and was taken that quarter mile, plus 300 yards, to an outdoor restaurant on the main road. Most of the 50 or so seats were taken, a good sign.

This “restaurant” is actually set up on a parking lot at night, the whole kitchen and cooking area even. If it’s raining, they could not operate. By morning, there will be no sight of it, except maybe a sign.

The four of us had, I think, five different dishes, shared in the traditional way (except one – later). I ordered a grilled chicken thigh, which turned out to be big, juicy and well seasoned. There was a salad of glass noodles, shrimp and slivers of green and red chillis. I’m getting used to the chilli and it was tasty.

Before I go on, I know someone is asking, “Where are the photos?”

Good question. I was rushed out of my house so fast, and really did not have any idea what was going on. I screwed up. But not the second night.

Anyway, a third dish was what I think was thinly sliced pig liver. I tried it but not my style. The fourth was a pork soup for me, a miso-type broth with pork bones with meat on them. Finger food and very good.

Of course, there was rice. And another dish was a bowl of vegetables in a greenish soup. Had a taste I hadn’t had here yet.

Finally, Sai got a dish just for her – octopus.

The tab for this was 475 baht, or about $12.

I told the group I would walk home so they didn’t have to make two trips on the bike. I was invited to join them and three others the next night. This time I brought my camera,

Once again, my girlfriend picked me up and off we went to I did not know where. But it was only a short ride to the soi 88 food court. I live on soi 80 (soi=street). I’ve been to this food court before, on foot, and brought home several meals. But it was a lot livelier this time.

I spent my early time just walking around taking some of the pictures below, while the ladies went around the various food stalls to order dinner. My philosophy is to tell them what I won’t eat (e.g., something too spicy) and let them take it from there. Rarely disappointed.

I’ll let the photos tell the story, but what you won’t see here is the ice cream ending.


The dinner crew


Pick you poison



Pork knee meat – delicious!


Sushi anyone?


Sai and Non order some seafood. The shrimp were enormous, as you will see.


I have no idea what that translucent stuff is in front, but you’ve got a selection of seafood here.


My guess is this is a salad station. The salads are very spicy.


Lots of people like the ‘shabu’ method, and we had two pot meals ourselves.


I asked if they had others not out in the heat. I will never know.


Food court seating


Prawns, top left. shellfish and mussels, front. I was surprised that the shellfish were good, although chewy. The mussels also were excellent, with a bit to discard. You can see a green sauce there but I asked for some soy, which I thought wwent better with the mussles and shrimp.


I don’t know Sai’s boyfriend’s name


He seems like a nice guy, and can eat a ton.


Shellfish anyone?



Slices of chicken, squid, pork go into this boiling pot. Then greens are added. Finally, some glass noodles. Everybody shares from the pot.


Breaking up the cabbage


Another dish arrived. A pork joint bone with meat, with vegetables.


OK, I don’t know this little girl’s name, although I’ve been told it more than once, but she is such a doll. That’s her mother, also who I don’t know name. She’s a good friend of Non’s.



This is her big sister

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