Cabin fever – time for a walk

Getting a bit of cabin fever here. The answer usually is to to do something, anything. So a walkto the fresh market to get lunch and take a few pictures seemed to be in order. Maybe later a $9 oil massage. The photos are mostly quick shots, some taken from the hip, as I wanted to keep a low profile with the camera.


This is one of the many food vendors who line the building housing the fresh market. This man is selling assorted sausages and hot dogs.


Chocolate’s not a ‘thing’ here but Thais have their own sweets, usually fruit and coconut based.


My favorite stalls are the ones with all kinds of dried foods and pastes, usually fish-based. The 100 represents 100 baht per kilo, or about $1.40/pound. I have no idea what these foods are or taste like.


More dried seafood, small squid in the middle,



Dried shrimp, different sizes and flavors. Used for cooking.



I’ve decided to stop buying frozen shrimp at the western wholesale market (Makro) and instead get fresh prawns from the market. Male on the left and female on right. Different sizes, different prices. I bought half a kilo at 280 baht/kilo. Turned out to be 18 large shrimp for 140 baht ($4.20/pound). Enough for dinner tonight and another later. That is a bit more than what I target for main course items, but my dinner will still be about $3 total, matched with either pasta or salad. (My bad. Upon further review, the shrimp are enough for 4 meals, not 2, making them very affordable.)


This woman is selling ingredients for Thai dishes. Fish balls in front. Also spices.


I often get vegetables from this woman’s stall, although I tend to shop around more now, buying something here and something else there. Some stalls, for example, have bigger and better garlic than others; some have better tomatoes or potatoes; only one has the light leaf lettuce I prefer.



My haul from what was supposed to be a picture-taking and lunch-buying walk.  Clockwise from left: 10 eggs for 40 baht ($1.20); delicious flavored muffins bought on the road on the walk back, 20 baht (60 cents); lunch of rice, crispy pork and duck breast, with duck sauce and soy sauce, pickled ginger and cucumber (60 baht/$1.80); and 18 very large shrimp (140 baht/$4.20).

Lunch was delicious. I get the same thing every trip to the market. The muffins, one chocolate and the other a mystery flavor, are great with morning coffee. The eggs you can buy in different sizes and colors (white, blue and spotted, also), chicken or duck. They even have eggs unshelled in baggies.

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