Some videos of Hua Hin

These videos are not mine; found them on YouTube.

The Soi 80 bar district – VIDEO

Thought my friends might like this video of Soi 80, the Hua Hin ‘secondary’ bar district that I live near. In fact, as you watch the video going up the street, my street is the next one on the left, parallel to soi 80 and also called soi 80.

My street is all 2-story townhouses, not bars. My house is located on that second street near the end of soi 80 shown here. In fact, about midpoint in the video it shows the Arrina Bar; take a left here and my house is 50 yards away.

Soi 80 is mostly for locals, with lower liquor prices and less razzle-dazzle than the main bar district at Bintabaht, where mostly tourists go. Any prices you see are in Thai baht, 35 baht to a US dollar.

At the end of the street is a busy artery where I can find local food at ridiculous prices. 

Bintabaht is for tourists – VIDEO

And for those who want a little more action, there is the Bintabaht tourist bar district 

Hua Hin’s Night Market – VIDEO

Every night, they shut down a street for two blocks in the center of Hua Hin for the “Night Market.” Here you can find clothes, gifts, electronics, lots of stuff, and food. Several restaurants offer huge lobsters for $45 each (not exactly cheap). A good place for gift buying but the prices are cheaper elsewhere. 

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