Honoring Thailand’s departed king

Thai’s highly revered their king, who died late last year after 70 years in the role. He was mostly a ceremonial king, albeit one who did a great deal for his country – and the lower economic classes – through various programs and incentives.

Anyway, it was extraordinary how the Thais reacted to his passing. A one-year mourning period was put in place, with government employees required to wear black during this time. There was a one-week period where everyone wore black, even me.

I’m not a big fan of monarchy’s, but to say the Thais loved him would be to highly underrate his affect on the people of Thailand. Everywhere you went, there were tributes. Eight months later, there are still lines of Thais waiting to pay respects to the king daily.

Hua Hin was no exception. Perhaps signifying best how the Thais felt about their king would be the conversion of a mile-long concrete wall in Hua Hin along the roadside into a never-ending mural honoring their king:

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