Just another fresh market

I think I’m getting a little jaded by food courts and fresh markets. I’ve been to so many, and I’ve taken so many photograpghs that I find myself disinterested in documenting. But still, I persist.

I had mentioned to Non that I was going to the fresh market (Chat Chia) in the morning for fresh vegetables, and some squid and ground pork. I wanted to recreate a dish she made with pork stuffed in the squid, which is then cooked in a seasoned broth. I had no idea what the other ingredients were, I was just intent on getting the pork and squid.

She had also shared with me a video of ground pork rolled into cabbage leaves, with muchrooms, and then steamed. The pork is seasoned. Looked delicious.

So I was going to Chat Chia the next morning and would not have bought half the necessary ingredients for my two planned meals. Non said “no”, we were going to an evening market that she apparently frequents. Since I did not know how far away this market was, nor the ‘roads’ we would take to get there, I said sure. Where’s my camera?

The farthest south I’ve been is to her apartment. This was a bit further. And here’s the thing. I don’t like being on the back of a motorbike at all. This trip required a long stretch on a dirt/gravel road, and me without eye protection.

Anyway, we made it to the Wa-Nah Market, ‘it’ being a large area devoted to foods of various kinds. It operates in an otherwise empty lot from 3-8 pm. Fruits were in one area, seafood in another, veggies in another. The frogs were in the seafood area. There was also plenty of prepared food for takeaway. I only took a few pictures, trying to find hidden gems.


ribbitt, ribbitt


skin on, skin off


pig intestines anyone, and yes, that’s the actual skin of a pig in the background


or, how about a pig heart, left, or liver, right. Think I see a kidney in there, too


What a life for a little girl


Had to fill up the space somehow

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