Long overdue – the Hua Hin Tuesday Market

When you read about Hua Hin’s interesting places to visit, the Tuesday Market often comes up. It’s a very large, once-a-week affair a bit out of town to the west. Not that far with a vehicle but in 15 months I have not visited it because, 1. there was only taking a motorcycle taxi to get there, and 2. there wasn’t anything I needed at a market I’ve never seen to make the attempt.

But when I mentioned to Non that I wanted to buy some good towels and a new bedsheet, but at local prices, this is where she said to go. Unfortunately, my idea of good towels is not what you would find at these bazaars.

The place was very busy, with traffic so dense it was hard to cross the street. The market is an area of maybe 100 yards by 100 yards, packed with small stalls selling mostly clothing – except for the food stalls at one end and on the perimeter. The clothing was all crap, although you can get a pair of designer jeans for $8 or a pair of shoes for $3 (sure to break apart soon after purchase).

But the food was awesome. I ended up with half a duck, some Isaan sausage, a selection of delicious pasteries, green mussels.


Daycare solution


Fried whole fish – on most menus here



I love these steamed pastries – the ones with black dots are sweet filling, the ones with no dots are spicy ground pork filling, and the ones with the yellow dots I’m guessing are mango



I’m sure there’s some body parts in there you don’t want to know about




Those are fried bug larvae


Isaan sausage – my favorite


The green mussels weren’t bad but needed a sauce



Non is non-impressed


Delicious pastries



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