A toned down Songkran – for me

As I outlined in my last post, we are in the midst of the Thai New Year’s celebration, known as Songkran. Mostly for us foreigners this is a time to get drunk, have out faces painted with lime green, pink or white powder, and get doused with water at every turn.

My initiation last year was lots of fun and I was ready to go for the first night of festivities last night on soi 80 – but I lamed out. I blame it on the body massage I received just prior to venturing out.

Anyway, today after finishing my news posting on Hua Hin Expat News, I grabbed my camera, determined to deal with the water-water-everywhere problem. My biggest concern (besides the ice water some throw at you) was my camera getting wet, so I held it high in one hand as I walked down the strip of bars and restaurants.

As soon as I hit the street I was doused with ice water. Nex up wasmy favorite bar, Hua Hin Bar, where they avoided the camera by concentrating on my crotch. Down the street slightly at Gulf of Thailand bar, Thai-American Jimmy’s bar, the face paint came out, and more dousing.

It’s only a few blocks long but I managed to navigate the street without damage to the camera and with a few useable photos. Nothing great here, trying to avoid the water!


First dousing. Woman on right targeted my camera even after I said no. They knew I was angry as I walked away.


Respecting the camera, she targets my groin instead


No more water or no more victims?


Everybody’s pretty much wet, which was not such a bad idea on a very sunny and very hot day.


Armed! Water gun and face paint


GQ style this is not


I’m betting that’s ice water. Look at his eyes and his right hand.


A few of the crew at Night Owl Bar


Dancing in the street


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