A new Thai dish for dinner

The last two nights I’ve been treated to home-cooked Thai food. Two nights ago it was a shrimp and rice dish put together with whatever leftover vegetables I had.

DSC_0708Last night, after providing a few dollars for fresh vegetables, seafood and spices, I was presented with something totally new and a combination I would never have tried.


Non prepares the various ingredients for her seafood-pork dish.


I tried to keep track of all the ingredients but she was using stuff I have no names for. Ginger root, a lemon-flavored bush leaf, garlic, scallions, small red onions, tomato, basil (mine), lemon grass, egg, and more stuff were included.

Of, and the centerpiece of the “stem” – four large squid bodies stuffed with chopped up pork. The squid tails were added, as well. Also, a fillet of whitefish.

And, of course, there was a heaping plate of rice to go with it. I hate white rice.


I have to say I was somewhat skeptical this combination would be any good, but the smells coming from the kitchen were certainly compelling. And the squid-pork turned out to be delicious.

Tonight, I’m told we’re having something with chicken.

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