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I don’t do a lot of writing outside of this blog but occasionally I do have to put pen to paper (so to speak). This is a recent, somewhat basic, profile of a new advertiser:

To Mike Thakuri, there s a vast difference between tailors in Hua Hin. There are those who offer inexpensive fabrics and sewing-machine “craftmanship” (and, thus, very low prices), and then there are those like Mike & Co. Tailor, where quality hand-stitch craftmanship and authentic silks and other fabrics are required.


“Each step of our process, from the selection of quality raw materials to fabrication through our state-of-the-art machines, supports the highest quality standards attainable in our industry,” he says. “We put our full effort into delivering the very best product into our customer’s hands punctually.”

A visit to Mike’s standalone shop at 8/62 Petchkasem Road, next to the new Bluport Resort Mall, is a lesson not only in quality clothes tailoring, but also an education on how silk is made.

Mike and his staff welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to guests the differences between those 3,000-baht suits one can find in the small shophouses along Petchkasem Road and his 10,000-baht, custom-tailored products.

“We select the highest-grade fabrics from overseas England and Italy, along with highest quality accessories,” he says. “Manual stitching of clothes makes our suits delicate, durable and attractive. If you love to wear a suit, you will quickly come to appreciate and comprehend our elaboration for details. It makes a difference.”

Many Hua Hin tailors use fabrics that have been tagged with designer labels and sold as pure silk, when, in fact, they are definitely not designer labels and are made from a cotton/polyester fabric. Mike will readily demonstrate the difference with a simple burn test, the inferior fabric burning with white smoke and the smell of paper. The silk fabric will not readily burn.

Hand-stitching also is an important difference, according to Mike.

“For our shop, we have our own in-house tailor workshop with expert tailors. Consequently, quality and work processes can be controlled and supervised closely,” he offers. “At the same time, we continually develop our workmanship techniques to stay abreast with new fashion trends. We strongly believe that we must continue to focus on retaining our qualified personnel, for only they can create world-class products that meet our industry-leading standards.”

Mike & Co. was founded in 1999, and until recently occupied a small shophouse further north on Petchkasem Road, which is still serving customers. Most of his tailors have been with him for years.

Unlike many tailor shops, whose backroom work is outsourced to small workshops, Mike & Co. production takes place next door in his production facility. Guests are encouraged to visit to get first-hand knowledge about how tailors work and also to see the different steps involved in delivering clothes to customers.

“Every seam and stitch is meant to perfectly fit the wearer,” Mike says.

However, don’t expect too quick a turnaround of the men’s or women’s wear. While the cheaper tailors can produce suits within 24 hours, Mike’s requires three to seven days from measurements to final fitting.

And about that silk manufacturing education: Mike & Co. has a mini-museum devoted to the story of silk manufacturing, the Thai Silk Village, from an actual mulberry bush the silk worms feed on, to the cocoons themselves (one cocoon can yield 500 meters of silk yarn), to real-life examples of hand looms. It’s a free exhibit with an English-speaking guide to walk you through the experience.

NEW AT-HOME SERVICE: Mike & Co. Tailor is now offering free at-home tailoring services. If you don’t have the time to visit Mike & Co.’s Petchkasem Road store, his tailors will come to your home or office, with fabric samples and ready to measure you for that next suit or dress.

Where: 8/62 Petchkasem Road , HuaHin Soi 100 Nongkae Prachuabkirikhan  77110  Thailand
Contact: Tel : (032) 532-431, MBL : (092) 915-5154; E-mail:;

Eh, it’s a living.

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