Phitsanulok – Day 4 – Dinner on the river

I had already been informed that we were once again having dinner on the river, and I invited Nan to bring her family. I wasn’t sure how many that would be. Turned out to be 11 of us.

We went to a different restaurant than the previous night, this one with a long stairway down to the water to what appeared to be a floating platform, but was probably moored. The river was still high from recent flooding and you could tell there was a strong current. All I could think about was how many fish there must be in the water.

The restaurant was not busy, so we had the staff’s attention, as you would expect, given the large group. Everyone ordered a dish and we all shared. My order came last, a whole steamed fish covered in onions and peppers. It drew ooohs from the family, obviously a fan favorite. I took a few bites from it and shared, and very shortly only the head remained. It was too dark to see if someone ate the eyes.

My camera could not take photos in the dark, so I hope others will share soon so I can add here. The food was delicious and the total bill was only 2,100 baht, about $60 (for 11 people). An excellent ending to a wonderful, enlightening trip.

Tomorrow, the long trek to Hua Hin.

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