She knows how to market

About 50 yards from my house there is a two-lane road that parallels the main street, Phetkasem. It is a very busy road, as I can attest since it’s part of my evening power walk. It’s maybe the most dangerous part of the walk, as motorcycles and cars zip by me within a couple of feet, or closer.

It’s particularly fun when the motorbikes try to get between the side of the rode and the lane of cars to gain an advantage, only to find me in their way. No one’s hit me yet.

Anyway, suffice it to say the road is busy. And that attracts business, with the road straddled by small shops along its length – beauty parlors, massage parlours, bike repair, cosmetics, restaurants, fruit stalls, clothing retail, general merchandise.

dsc_0178One stall that I pass every day is a mobile fruit drink wagon that appears roughly at 4 pm daily. For the next hour or so, five or six men transfer fresh fruit and ice to her stall. This happens daily so the owner, a woman, is selling a lot of product, and it’s always fresh.

This owner has selected a high-traffic site, even at night. The lot she is located in, right next to the road, also has plenty of parking for people to drive in, order and go. And as you can see, her displays are very professional.

She doesn’t really open for business until the sun goes down and that’s where her marketing savvy really shines.

Most fruit juice stands like hers (and there are hundreds in Hua Hin) have some sort of lighting in their stall, mostly so they and customers can see the product they are selling. But this woman has gone a step further.

dsc_0177She has decorated the front of her stall with strings of Christmas lights. You literally cannot miss her if you are driving by.

Now, that might seem like a small, even insignificant thing to some people, but here in Hua Hin (and in other Asian locations I’ve visited) it is unusual. As is having five or six people restocking your small stall every day because you sold out the day before.

BTW, she does not speak English and I don’t speak Thai, but she was very gracious is letting me take a picture. I’m not a big fruit juice fan but I’m going to have to try hers. You always follow where the locals are eating.

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