The 90-day report

As an immigrant using a one-year “O” visa, I am required to report to immigration every 90 days. I can do this up to 15 days before the due date or within 7 days after. My due date was Dec. 19 but because of the weekend, and because Monday is usually a busy day at immigration, I decided to go a few days early.

Actually, I tried the relatively new online 90 day-report form on, but the form is maybe the worst one I’ve encountered on the internet. Extremely slow and my entry never registered, as far as I know.

It took me several attempts to even find the proper page and then several times trying to populate the fields before I was even able to click “enter.” Nothing happened. So off I went on a motorbike taxi.

That is probably the most difficult part of this in-person process, riding on the back of a motorbike through Hua Hin traffic. I never feel safe, but we made it there and back. (The taxi driver will wait for you to finish.)

The process itself is simple. One-page forms are available when you arrive, you take a number and have a seat. In about 15 minutes, I was in front of a not-too-happy-looking man with three stars on his shoulders. I suspect he was forced into doing clerical work. Within 3 minutes, he was done, and so was I.

When they get their website fixed, if they ever do, this process will be so easy.

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