Temple diving in Cha-am

It was a dark and stormy night afternoon, but Nan has apparently appointed herself my tour guide on weekends. So, when I was done with my news posting for the day, we set off on her red honda for, for me, parts unknown.

The skies were grey, and north of us looked a little ugly. But we sped northward on the main highway until we caught up with the rain, stopping for a few minutes because my camera was exposed. I still had no idea where we were headed, but based on last week’s successful journey to the elephant village, I was not worried.

Finally, we turned off on a side road, after stopping to ask directions three times. I could now see a gold-plated temple dome in the distance. We parked within 50 yards from the main temple in a huge parking lot. There was another paved parking area nearby. Obviously, they have some tourist traffic. Today, just us for awhile and then a few more after the rain.

We were at Wat Huai Sai Tai in Cha-am, a smaller town 20 kilometers north of Hua Hin.

Yes, the rain. We managed to walk around one secondary temple and out onto the ramp of the fish pond. Lots of orange-robed monks around. But then the rain started and we found shelter under a shed used for street cooking. I found a few photo ops.

Once the rain stopped, we went to the main temple. Inside was this amazing 60-foot tall buddha statue. I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

First, a sampling of different stuff (click on images to enlarge):

And then there was the stuff around the main attraction (click on images to enlarge):

And now the Big Kahuna, maybe 60 feet high (click on images to enlarge):

And some singles:





There were tons of big fish in the pond. We bought some food and they went nuts. Catfish, carp, perch


I just couldn’t resist this. All neat in a row, outside a Buddhist temple, freshly sprinkled by the rain. Just seemed out of place.





Apparently, there is a ceremony where you rent these little bells on the ground floor and you leave them on racks on the fifth floor. 100 baht


There was a real good view of the mountains from the top

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I almost forgot the view from the shed during the rain:

They might be poor but they got their satellite TV.




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