Fun Street for Soi 80

Hua Hin officials are doing all they can to stoke tourism interest after the August bombings, including having special events. Last month, they created a Pattaya-like “Walking Street” in the Bintabaht bar area – where the first bombing occurred.

dsc_0661Last night, it was Soi 80’s turn for a “Fun Street – Market Street” event. For the record, I live on Soi 80. However, it is really two, parallel streets. The main Soi 80 is mostly bars and restaurants. The street I live on is all 2-story townhomes, with an occasional vendor on the bottom floor. On the long street views, if you imagine another street a half-block to the left, that is my street.

I was expecting a bit more than what took place. There was some live music, but the vendors were a real disappointment and there really wasn’t that much food being offered. All the vendors set up makeshift areas, usually just on the ground, selling cheap stuff most people didn’t want. Felt kind of bad for them.

I did find one vendor selling fresh-fried spring rolls. Very good, and only 10 baht each.

The whole event had the feel of something that was put together at the last minute. There was hardly any marketing that I could tell and they obviously weren’t able to convince the better vendors to set up for the event. There were more people on the street than a normal Wednesday night, but not that many more.

For these kind of events, the bar girls often are given costumes to wear, or house shirts, as you will see from the pictures. Had no problem getting the girls to assemble for photos. On some of these, I’m going to have a quiz – find the ladyboy!



Take left at yellow sign, half block to second Soi 80. My street.


The Full House crew – no ladyboys here


Lots of used bras, and large ones. Most Thai women need small bras.




Golden Bar crew – where is the ladyboy?


Find him yet?


The Budweiser of Thailand


Cheap shoes anyone? That car almost ran over her merchandise.



White House Bar crew. Should be easy to find the landyboy here.


Find him yet?


Good luck, sir, but I don’t think anyone is looking for Thai oranges.


No ladyboys here!



Hua Hin Bar crew.This bar is right around the corner from my place and has an excellent table and a big bar. Most of the bars are very small. 


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