A little fun at the Fun Fair

dsc_0611As we get closer to the “high” season, as well as the rainy season, there seem to be more food fairs being held. Last night, I walked around my third such fair in three weeks – the Fun Fair on Soi 76, a short walk.

The fair was held in the same gathering place as last week’s Food Festival, and featured a long row of food stalls and food trucks, with a few more within the seating and music viewing area. A light rain was falling, with thunder and lightning in the distance.

The audience attending was once again mostly Thai, which partly reflects that the marketing primarily consisted of banners and posters all over town written in Thai. That’s fine with me, as I prefer events geared to Thais without many expats present.

I wonder, however, why people come to live here and then don’t participate in the local culture. They seem to like, instead, the kind of recurring events held by the local upscale hotels, like Full Moon parties and such. Not very Thai, but like their affinity for upscale malls, the expat community seems to be attracted to events that could be held at any resort in any country.


Good BBQ on a stick from a food truck.

Anyway, I usually just buy one or two food items at these events but decided to load up on everything that looked tasty this time. I ended up with  BBQ chicken on a stick (for 65 baht), fried chicken with saffron rice (70 baht), pork dumplings (8 for 50 baht), four chicken wings marinated in a fruit sauce (60 baht), and some fried pork strips (50). One dollar equals 34.6 baht, so for about $9 I brought home at least three meals.  Very tasty last night for dinner and again today for breakfast/lunch.

Once again, I was shooting available light in the dark, with lots of movement, so the photos aren’t great:





This Muslim women was frying some sort of bread, with a coating of some sort, then rolled and eaten like a snack.




Pork dumplings – delicious!


Curries – pick your poison.



There was a pretty good band playing rock and roll and popular western tunes. Had me rocking for a bit.





There were even clowns!



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