Another food festival

dsc_0615They like their food here in Thailand, and this time of year, as in many countries, there are multiple celebrations of food and nature. Earlier this week, I traveled to Cha-am, just north of Hua Hin, for the Seafood, Squid Run and Migratory Bird Festival. Lots of delicious seafood, a large crowd and good live entertainment

Last night, I walked about six blocks to Soi 76, where the Hua Hin Food Festival had shut down a portion of the busy street. A large crowd was filing past the dozens of stalls offering pretty much what you will find on the streets, except for the center of the plaza, where the hotel restaurants seemed to have control.

dsc_0618I did try some of the pig that was being roasted over an open fire at the Cowboy Cafe. Not bad but not nearly as good as the pulled pork I was introduced to in south Georgia many years ago.

All my photos are shot with available light, and it was past 8 pm, so there is movement and a lack of sharpness. But you get the idea.



I don’t know what the woman at left was cooking in the big pot, but it drew a crowd.


Pork knuckles? Why not?



Roasted pig, two choices




The big hotels/restaurants in the act



A big stage and live music


And I only add this one because I saw a crowd pushing to get to some kind of food as I was leaving. When I finally was close enough to see – pigs in a blanket. Go figure.


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