A look at the fresh market – finally

I’ve been in Hua Hin just about eight months now and have only been to the main fresh market once, and only for a few minutes without my camera. The stars finally aligned today where I only needed to restock vegetables, so camera in hand I walked the maybe one mile to the market. The sun was bright and hot but there was a nice breeze along Petchkasem road. A good morning for a walk.

And besides, I just didn’t feel like the long waits and rides to take the public taxi all the way to Makro. At the fresh market, I would be able to take a short ride on the green taxi, which parks there in the middle of its run, to get back home when I was done shopping.

I had been wondering about how much less the food would be at the fresh market than what I have been buying at Makro or Tesco/Market Village. I was very surprised.

For example, at one stall I picked out six very large white potatoes, four large onions, and two cucumbers. 120 baht, or about $3.50. Those same six potatoes, only a bit smaller, purchased at Makro, would have cost almost that much by themselves. At another stall, I found my green peppers (2), lettuce and tomatoes (7, small). 90 baht, or $2.50. Green peppers usually are pretty expensive. At Makro, those two peppers would have cost almost 90 baht by themselves.

As you can see, the prices at the fresh market are much lower. Even the shrimp. Very large shrimp for 280 baht a kilo, or $7.50/kg, $3.50/lb. I also stopped at a pork seller because she had some very nice looking center cut on her table. 150 baht ($4) bought me a small roast and five pork steaks.

Fresh markets are always so colorful and fun to walk around. Great for picture taking, and the vendors were generally very friendly when I pointed my camera. Because I was shooting with available light in a dimly lit area, the focus tends to be off. Sorry. Here’s what I saw today.


Chinese duck and rice stall. I came back for a takeaway lunch, although they didn’t have noodles.

duck vendor

He didn’t smile but at least he held up the duck for me.




The dried fish hanging here looks like wahoo. Lots of dried fish and fruits available here.


I have no idea what she’s selling but it sure is colorful.


Thai mangoes, about $2.25 a pound


Chicken feet (right), chicken legs, wings, breasts, skinned breasts, whole chickens, anyway you want it. No prices visible.


There are quite a few Muslim women selling in the market.



Did I mention the seafood?


That’s about $8.50 a kilo, or $4/lb. Maybe 3-5 per pound.



These are farm-raised catfish either in small ponds or actually grown in the rice paddies along with the rice. Very popular food here. Often cooked over fire whole.


That’s all, folks!

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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    Life should be an adventure

  2. MaxDive says:

    Looks like the markets here in Batam. You are on an adventure aren’t you…

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