Finding peace of mind

There are just so many ways I can go right now, not sure where to start.


Pork rib stew, soon to be changed into red curry pork stir fry.

First, I continued my local exploring tonight by going to an Indian restaurant a block away. I was the only customer, but it was after 8.

I’m not much on Indian fare but they had a variety of mutton options. I chose a mutton and lentil soup, which I envisioned as more fluid. This was like a heavy porridge, and very spicy, even though I asked for “just a little spice.” Just a little has always destroyed my taste buds.

It looks interesting, but half the mutton was fat and the prices are quite high. I understand lamb is going to be more expensive but most of the menu was 130 baht or more. You can get two meals for that at most Thai restaurants.


With the red curry sauce

The real reason for my post, however, is a feeling I’ve been struggling with the past couple of days.

Frankly, it occurred to me that I had no obligations anymore. I owed no bills. There was no one or thing dictating my day. I get up when I want. Do what I want during the day. Go out sometimes at night. Take a walking tour with my camera.

I told my legal adviser that when I was granted the one-year residency that it took a huge weight off my shoulders. It did. The main reason I left Indonesia was because I had to do visa runs every 30 days, with no  guarantee I would be allowed back into the country.

Thailand’s more friendly foreigner visa options led me here.

For the first 7 months here, quite frankly, I wasn’t so sure about the decision. Now, having moved to a neighborhood with lots of Thais, I am feeling more like where I wanted to be, more at peace.

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Above are pictures from the Indian restaurant I went to tonight. Not much to look at outside but OK inside. The dinner was mutton and lentil soup, with rice on the side and a cold beer. The meal was disappointing and more expensive than other Thai food places.

Not that the neighbors make it peaceful. Apparently, there’s a tailor back room operation going on in the house opposite mine and on the right. There is constant motorcycle and foot traffic during the day, and in the early evening the apartment next door unleashes a bunch of kids that they are apparently taking care of for working mother.

I just sit outside on my patio, with my laptop, while the mayhem continues outside my gate. And I’m starting to love the new home. Oh, and the “new” washing machine was installed the other day.

It’s actually kind of peaceful now.

Anyway, I was trying to think of what makes me stressed out (because I noticed I hadn’t felt that way in some time) and all I could come up with was Thai immigration, American politics and women.

I’ve figured out the living expenses thing and I’m operating well within the budget. So, no stress. I’m buying what I want to eat and drink and still saving money.

My rent is less than what I was paying in Costa Rica six years ago. Local food costs are a bit higher than Indonesia, but still low. Also lots of western food options here. So the cost of living is not a problem, even remotely.

My goal is to become part of the community, if they actually reach out for such things. If not, it’s all good. Other than that, it appears the stress level is nil until 90-day immigration reporting time in a month.



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