Training kicked in; bad idea

While it wasn’t high on my desirability index when considering Thailand as a home, the off-the-road location of Hua Hin seemed to isolate it from some of the world’s problems.

Not so.

Tonight, while I was playing pool in the Bintabaht bar district, there were two bomb explosions. Early reports have one death and 19 other casualties.

When I learned of the first explosion, no one knew whether it was a transformer or LNG tank. Sometime shortly after I left the area, that question was answered, as a second explosion caused extensive damage.

I’m probably lucky I wasn’t arrested.

My first impulse when I see a story brewing is to go headlong into the story. Unfortunately, in this case, the ‘crime scene’ had been taped off.

Undeterred, I found a way around the tape, when I was promptly stopped by a short, stubby policeman. After he continued on his way, I turned around and went to the next police barricade. Nothing going on.

But as I approached the tape barrier, a man approached me to ask what I was doing. He said he was a police officer but he was in civilians. I asked to see his badge, and he pretended he didn’t understand.

Others told me to back off,even though I was just trying to get to the tape barrier they had created. Apparently there is a six-foot zone outside the tape. Who knew?

I didn’t back off, talking to them about where the tape was as I creeped closer to get a view of anything. There was nothing to see.

The scene would become much more chaotic in a short time, after I had already returned home.

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Lifetime journalist, author, magazine editor and publisher, now semi-retired and traveling the world. My plan, after living in Costa Rica for 14 months, was to visit a new country in southern Europe every three months to experience the culture and the challenge of adapting to a new environment, while on a fixed income. That plan was sidetracked when I was offered a job in Indonesia, providing an opportunity to explore Asia. Indonesia lasted for a 4 wonderful years but I have now moved on to Hua Hin, Thailand.
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