Exploring the neighborhood

One of the fun things for me when moving into a new home is to explore the neighborhoods around me. There wasn’t much to explore at my previous apartment, but there is something going on in every direction here.

Last night, for example, I went two doors down for dinner. A cute little place created within the patio area ubiquitous on all these townhomes. Seats 16 and I was the only diner. The coconut milk chicken soup was good, except it was sweet instead of spicy. The stir-fried vegetable side dish was forgettable. $3.

Then tonight I walked a bit to a place I saw earlier in the day when I took a picture of their food picture banner. Their pork soup was too spicy for me to eat. It, too, was flavored with coconut milk. A side dish of chicken and greens turned into gizzards on rice. I had a snack when I came home. $3.

Here are some shots from my exploration this evening, with captions beneath each one:

The street just west of my house. Very busy. Dangerous to walk. Lots of shops and local restaurants.


A typical food stall. She’s making some kind of fried bread, I think.


OK, I was walking up the street and this girl is walking in front of me the whole way. What was I supposed to do?


I have no idea what a Nong Shop is


35 baht = $1


A very big food court not far from me past the railroad track


I just happened to stumble on this fresh market, so the next few photos are from there










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