A significant change

DSC_0422As I sit here, in the first night in my new home, I am reflecting on my motivation to move. It wasn’t to live in a better place, although now that I’m here I like the difference. Where I was was fine. Quiet. Near the beach. Secure. Isolated.

I wanted to be nearer to the Thai people. I was isolated from them. Not any more.

My nearest neighbors are all Thai, and they like to get together on the street at the end of the day. Not surprising. There are kids involved, too. A little noisy until about 8, when the kids go down and the parents retreat to their TVs. (Which I can’t seem to get to work.)

DSC_0427I was very industrious today, getting up early first for the move, then putting every thing away in my new home. The move went surprisingly easy.

However, I needed supplies, and I wanted to try out the Villa Market on Soi 84. It’s not a bad walk – unless you are carrying a load like I was on the return trip. Their prices are a little higher than Tesco or Makro, but they have an incredible selection of certain foods. Like chips – almost a whole row, four tall, of chip varieties. Lots of cheeses and specialty meats, all at a premium.

They have an extensive meat counter, again higher priced than Makro, and what looks like an extensive liquor and wine selection. No fresh seafood that I could see. (Or smell.) But I broke the budget a few times with special stuff.

DSC_0428Once I lugged that load home and took a break, it was time to grab the camera and see how far the sea was. Turns out, quite a ways. And, not worth the trip.

The walk takes me down soi 80, across Petchkesam Road ( the main highway), and down a long, curving road that eventually leads me to an intersection where, right, was the road to the beach. I just followed the commerce.

What I had arrived at is City Beach, sitting astride of the Hilton. It was a total tourist trap. Trinket stands all along the pathway. A food stall here and there. People on the beach just to take selfies.

This is not a beach I will be fishing from. The search continues!



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