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This morning I realized Goy was coming by to collect the rent today and I didn’t have enough cash. A half-mile walk to the nearest ATM was necessary, so I combined it with a trip to the quick mart and one of the few Thai restaurants open midday in the area. I had seen a sign at the restaurant for “crispy fried mussels” and have wanted to try them. This was my chance.

The restaurant is not much to look at but it at least has a roof. As I looked at all the pretty pictures of food at the front opening, a woman handed me a menu, and then a bespeckled man, looking very Chinese, took my order.


My lunch – pad Thai at left, crispy fried mussels right

Guessing that the mussels alone would not be enough for lunch, I ordered those plus a tofu pad Thai. Pad Thai is kind of a traditional dish, but it’s only glass noodles, bean sprouts and tofu – and add in pork, chicken or shrimp if you want. Today, it was just a side dish so I asked for the basic pad Thai.

The nice people doing the cooking were gracious enough to let me take a few photos.

lunch cook

My cook gets the pad Thai started


These very interesting condiments greet customers at the door


The local restaurants usually are nothing to look at

cooking pad thai

pad thai in wok

Pad Thai almost ready

dried shrimp

That’s a lot of spiced and dried baby shrimp; when added to other food you eat the shells and heads, as well

mussels in wok

The breaded mussels go into a second wok

mussels fried

Time to flip them over

crispy fried mussels

A little sweet and spicy sauce on the side


Back home with my delicious lunch

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