Doing the touristy thing

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As promised, I exited my cocoon, ventured out if you will, tonight to visit the much hyped Grand Night Market.

This market is on soi 84, I think. There is another, smaller night market near Soi 57, but that is touted as for tourists only. The Grand market is supposed to be different, for locals.

I took the taxi, camera in tow, figuring at the worst I would be within a couple of blocks of the soi 80 bar district, where I might be able to find a game of pool.

I was disappointed by this night market. Lots of very cheap clothing and knick-knacks being sold. But they did have something I was looking for. Food.


Couldn’t pass this up

I found the food carts area of the market and started looking for dinner. One stall had huge bones with cooked meat clinging to its sides. I asked: “Beef or pork.” Pork. Pork joint meat. Steamed. Boiled. Whatever. Too good to pass up.

“With rice?” Yes. “With noodles?” Yes. “With greens?” Yes.

All this while I pointed to the items in question.

I sat down behind the cooking area, on a plastic seat and fold-up table, several young Thais at the table next to me. They would later have a good laugh when I photographed my food.

What I received was a large bowl of brown liquid, with lots of things floating around I couldn’t identify, a hunk of pork and chopsticks. Perhaps the best meal I’ve had here.

pork.noodles2Very simple. No chili. Very tender pork. I chose noodles over rice. I really don’t like rice, which is weird given where I’m living.

And I did find some pool players on soi 80.


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