Grocery prices in Hua Hin – a sampling

One of the reports I try to make in each country I visit is on the cost of basic groceries. I have failed in that regard from Hua Hin but today I went to the Makro warehouse store for groceries and bought a bunch of fresh stuff, so here’s a few prices to compare with where you are:

6 medium white potatoes – 22 baht ($0.63)

2 medium zucchini – 26 baht (0.74)

3 large imported garlic – 17 baht (0.48)

2 lemons – 24 baht (0.68)

4 chicken breasts – 59 baht ($1.68)

8 large ground beef patties – 305 baht ($8.69)

2 small pork loins (5 meals) – 122 baht ($3.48)

2 lbs smoked bacon – 265 baht ($7.55)

8 small tomatoes – 15 baht (0.43)

2 green peppers large – 71 baht (($2.02)

4 large fish fillets frozen – 74 baht ($2.11)

8 large shrimp – 47 baht ($1.34)

Of course, I bought lots of packaged goods, as well, but the receipt is in Thai so I can’t tell you what cost what.

It was a full load for me, with my backpack and a side bag. Taxi picked me up across the highway from Makro and dropped me off at west end of Soi 41, a half-mile walk in 94-degree sunshine. Glad I don’t have to do that too often.

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