Red chicken curry for dinner

red curryOK, a little fun today, given that my daily routine is just too boring to write about. Hopefully, I will have updates soon on banking and my visa pursuit, but today let’s just explore a little cooking.

I’ve been living in Asia long enough now that I’ve started to become accustomed to all the spicy food, although I still like it toned down a bit. I’ve also become fond of the taste of curries, although I can do without too much spice. I particularly like curries using coconut milk and have started buying it on a regular basis.

A local restaurant where I like to eat serves an excellent coconut milk-based chicken soup that I find tantalizingly delicious, while also painful to my taste buds. A little sweet soy sauce can help ease the sting of the spices.

So, on occasion, when I’m seeking some variety in the meals I cook for myself, I will oil up the electric wok and create a curry. There are a variety of packaged curry pastes and powders you can purchase here, so I don’t need to actually buy all the spices and such, grind them down and make my own paste. I’m sure the traditional way would taste best (assuming I did it correctly), but it’s not worth the time (and expense) to me. So I stock up on yellow, green and red curry powders and pastes.

Last night, I assembled what I could from my smallish, under-stocked refrigerator, and came up with a chicken breast, garlic gloves, onion, tomato, potato and some greens. Sometimes I will substitute rice noodles for the potato.

Here you go:

curry ingredients

chopped up

Chicken cubed and browned, veggies cut up and ready to go. Potato already boiling.

in the wok

Curry paste added and ready to cook

add coco milk

Coconut milk added

red curry

The final result – enough for at least two meals, and a little sweet soy added to pale the burn

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3 Responses to Red chicken curry for dinner

  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    Oh, and BTW, I’m making spaghetti sauce tonight.

  2. 2bagsandapack says:

    Hey girl – you never know what you write about that will interest people. This post has received a larger than normal of likes. Go figure. a few words. A few photos. Viola!
    Tricky part for you making curry is finding the powder/paste for the base. Do you prefer green, yellow or red? not talking wine here!

  3. Norma Machado says:

    Hello Ken.

    I’m glad to see you’re starting to acclimate to the spicy foods. I did worry about you and your sensitive digestive system moving where food was so very spicy.

    I love spicy food in spite of what happens a couple of days later! My first introduction of course was Szechuan food in a Massachusetts Chinese restaurant. But now my favorites are curries. I have a lot of friends in England and have visited there often, eating as much curry along the way as possible. But I’ve never made it at home and seeing you cook a curry on your little electric wok has inspired me. This weekend I will make a curry and I will let you know how it turns out.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Norma

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