New restaurant, new advertisers

WH outside

Outside view

I finally stopped by the new Whitehome restaurant right around the corner from my apartment. Actually, I stopped by twice previously, once when they had not yet opened and again last night because it looked like they were open. The women running the place were very friendly and I promised I would return.

So today I did, deciding on Thai food instead of my own western stuff. Turns out, however, that they only offer one Thai dish, the iconic Pad Thai. Mostly what they have are coffees, snacks and a few sandwiches. They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

A really quaint, little place, with very deferential and attentive staff. I ordered the Pad Thai and could see the 60-something chef through a small window preparing my meal.

pad thai

Pad Thai

When I was in Bangkok last week,I tried Pad Thai for the first time, from a street vendor. While it was good, albeit a bit spicy, the Whitehome Pad Thai was much better, and she wisely provided spice as an alternative, not cooked into the food. This version also came with a tasty egg on top, two good-sized shrimp, and some cubed tofu on top.

With a bottle of water, the tab was 115 baht, a little above average but I am in a tourist zone.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is a national holiday (Buddha’s birthday) and the town is crowding up with visitors. You have to hand it to religion, it certainly is a money-maker, regardless which religion it is.

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My new website

I have been a bit concerned about building an audience for my new website – – and finally had a couple of good ideas.

logo squareThe first was to offer three months of free advertising to the roughly 60 companies I have found emails for. That hit a cord and I now have at least four companies interested. Two have already been posted on the site. One of those even volunteered to help spread the word on his social media network.

It also finally dawned on me that Facebook might have some Hua Hin groups to join. (I can see my social media savvy daughter going, “Duh, Dad!”) I found a few groups to join and one immediately accepted me.

I promptly placed a small message on their Facebook page and my site page views skyrocketed (more than 300 at last count, as opposed to 25-30 a day previously), with many new subscribers. Some people using Safari, however, had trouble with the site, so maybe that program doesn’t like WordPress. I don’t know.

Now, I’m waiting for the other groups to let me join.

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