Google sucks for Hua Hin

I have now used Google maps for 4-5 searches to see where I needed to go for meetings. They have all been wrong. More on that later.

It was a long day made more difficult by the fact I couldn’t sleep and lay in the bed from 3 am dissecting what needed to be done today. The first order of business was sending money to a friend via Western Union. I’ve now done this in three different countries, so you would think it would be routine, but it’s not.

I was “awakened” at 7 am by a message from a local woman who wanted me to pay for her return trip to Hua Hin from wherever she had gone to. That was an easy no, since we had barely met and merely exchanged phone numbers. Go figure.

The WU office didn’t open until 10 am, per Google, which had me going to an alley not far from my apartment. I was suspicious of the location on the map since the past four times I’ve used Google here have been incredibly wrong. But I trudged on, finding what should have been the location and asking Thais in the area if Western Union was nearby. In one case, the locals literally fled because they didn’t know what I was asking. Finally, a shop owner told me it was the nearby bank office, which I had guessed but they didn’t have a WU sign out front.

Anyway, the transfer went fine and the Krangsri Bank lady was super efficient.

Then, I had my first business meeting. This also had a decidedly Google component. A company I had contacted about my new website responded to a marketing proposal and wanted to meet, so yeah. They weren’t even close to where Google placed them. But I eventually found them, after a good, long walk in the heat. Took care of my daily walk.

Go Kart Hua Hin owner

Go Kart Hua Hin owner

This meeting was super helpful, as the expat (Brit, here 10 years and in Thailand 22 years) filled me in on a lot of local stuff. He runs a go-cart operation, as well as a guest house with 12 rooms. He also plays pool and suggested that a good way for me to meet other expats living here was at the pool league matches (duh). He plays tonight at his guest house and I plan to attend to meet some of the expats attending.

I did an interview, took some pictures, and will feature his company on my new website shortly.



Back home, I did my usual of going to the beach to do some unproductive fishing. My new friend, now with a name of Yat, showed up and bracketed my lone fishing rod with both of his rods. I was surrounded! We now are drawing interest from others on the beach I guess because there are two of us, and we had several people just watching us watch our rods.

Yat informed me that his wife loved the photos I gave him but asked why I would do that. “Because we’re fishing friends,” I think he told her. He also checked my bait, which he had given me three days ago and decided it was unfit to use. So he gave me new bait.

There were large schools of fingerling mullet swimming by, the breezes were mild, the insects incessant, the surf sometimes high, an occasional egret flying by. No fish. No problem.

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