Trying something new

biz card 2One of the Thai restaurants that I frequent specializes in papaya salads and I promised myself I would try one, so today I did, after first stopping by the print shop to order new business cards. I made sure to tell the waitress not too spicy, which is good because it was still almost too spicy to eat.

I ordered a seafood salad, and while it wasn’t enough food it was tasty, once my mouth got somewhat used to the pain. The salad is mostly bean sprouts, with fresh tomato, some kind of greens, shrimps, squid and the spicy papaya sauce.

papaya saladNormally, I don’t like to order squid because it often is too chewy, but this squid was fresh and easily eaten. There were 5 or 6 small shrimp, best eaten with your fingers because they have to be de-shelled. With a bottle of water, the tab was 70 baht ($2). The restaurant is on Facebook for those interested. Next time I will stick to their grilled chicken or pork, however, which did fill me up and were less painful to my tastebuds. The restaurant says it is on Facebook for those interested, but I couldn’t find it under this name.

restaurant signOh, and the new restaurant on my block, Whitehome, finally opened, although they only serve lunch. I’ll try them next.

Now this is a bus!

tour busIt’s the beginning of Chinese New Year, so Hua Hin is being overrun by visitors from Bangkok. I saw a lot of these during my walk today. The town may swell by 10-fold this weekend to a million people. I saw a number of these buses on my walk today.

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  1. 2bagsandapack says:

    My bad. It was bean sprouts not bamboo sprouts. There was no raw papaya, just a sauce made from papaya.

  2. what you ate is called Som Tom and is a green papaya as opposed to a ripe one. So it was not bamboo but rather the raw papaya you were eating. It is really my favorite!

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