A local dinner

I decided to go out for dinner tonight, before my for-some-reason- nervous-about trip to Bangkok tomorrow, and opted for a place I’ve already been to twice, about an 8-block walk. Didn’t sleep much last night in anticipation of the trip to Bangkok but finally realized it’s just another adventure that I should embrace and have fun with.

Anyway, walked to this outdoor restaurant that is usually busy and has a varied menu. The waiter is getting used to seeing me and suggested the grilled whole fish, which costs about $10 and is really meant for sharing, not a single person. When I told him it was too much he suggested takeaway.

There is a lot to choose from but ended up ordering a chicken and rice dish that turned out to be OK but a bit bland. It’s scary that I’m now wanting my food spicier, and not just salted. I ordered another dish, tom yung kung with prawns, a traditional spicy soup, asking to have the spice reduced.

The food is served very quickly here. When my chicken and rice arrived, I realized it was too bland but the by the time I was able to ask for the table spices and sauces, my second dish had arrived. Spooning the coconut-spicy soup on the rice did the trick.

The two dishes cost 170 baht ($6) and were more than satisfying. There were 6 good-sized shrimp in the soup. Most of the contents of the soup are not eatable, just there for seasoning. When done, I flirted a bit with one of the cooks, who was very embarrassed that I wanted her picture.

Oh, and about the egrets. These are the small variety you see in the Gulf and I haven’t seen any larger ones. But a month ago, there weren’t any here and now they are showing up in numbers. I wonder if this is not unlike southern Florida in terms of weather and fishing – little catching this time of year but once the birds show up the fishing picks up. We’ll see.

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