Cooking western with a wok

OK, I’m a skillet kind of guy, at least on the road. Except for my brief U.S. visits, I haven’t seen an oven in six years. So I’ve learned to cook on mostly two-burner “stoves”, usually gas. That’s fine – one burner to boil and one to grill/fry. Microwave to bake. My new apartment, however, only has two options: an electric wok and a microwave.


Not what my wok looks like but you get the idea

So I bought a convection hot plate, except it doesn’t work. As a result, I’ve been trying to cook what I normally eat, but in a wok. My experience cooking with a wok is nil, all I know coming from watching Asians cook Asian food. I’m talking about cooking bacon and eggs, and hash browns, or french toast, just on the breakfast side.

Boiling potatoes in the wok is no sweat, nor is frying chicken or meat portions. Haven’t tried seafood yet. But today I made french toast, with bacon. Been doing the bacon for awhile, also the eggs (scrambled and over easy). But I yearn for a fry pan or a grill.

Today, at Tesco, I think I found what I need, a 2-surface electric heating platform. But since I plan to move downstairs tomorrow thought I’d delay the purchase to see what is available in the first floor kitchen.

Took a look at my new apartment earlier today and it’s quite a bit larger than what I have now, with a step-down bedroom and separate kitchen and clothes washing area in back, with a washing machine. I am going to like this new place so much better and, so far, the landlady hasn’t mentioned raising the rent. We’ll see.

Thai women and their hair

One of the physical attributes I very much liked about Indonesian women was their long, black, straight hair. They seemed to want to  keep it long even as they gained years. Occasionally, you would see someone coloring their hair brown, or even blonde, but that is rare.

Completely different here in Thailand. Many of the women seem to be emulating western culture with shorter hairstyles. And, they are turning their beautiful black hair brown. So either you see short, black hairstyles, or you see short, brown hairstyles. Not much long hair here. Too bad.

Banking confusion

After returning to Bangkok Bank to open up an Internet banking account (you have to apply separately from opening a new account), I received by email my new user ID, with instructions. The instructions were not clear, but the suggestion was that I was to use the ID with the PIN I already have to open my Internet banking page. Nope.

So a walk to the bank was necessary today (Monday) to get some clarification. As I suspected, there is another piece to the puzzle that I haven’t received. The ID is sent by email but the new password is sent my regular mail. So now I wait for my first mail delivery so that I can get into my account.

It is a small world

I received an email message yesterday from someone viewing my website and seeking information about Batam. Turns out the guy currently lives in Hua Hin and wants to relocate to Batam as an inexpensive base for his Asian business activities.

I shared some information with him, including contacts in Batam for where I lived and for golfing. He shared some information about a bar district on Soi 80 here I wasn’t aware of that I will try this week. He also gave me the names of some expats who own bars here and told me where there is some pool being played. Making social progress incrementally.

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