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Once again, I’ve gone wandering around without my camera. It’s Saturday night and thought I’d walk to the highway for a sit-down dinner. After last night’s visit to the bar district to play some pool, opted for a quieter night.

I have no way of knowing the name of the restaurant I’m sitting in, since the signage is all in Thai, but I think it’s the same place I ate last week. It is about a 3/4-mile walk from my apartment. A good, comprehensive menu  of soups (I think they specialize in soups), curries, stir fry, seafood, chicken, pork. They also sell beer and I saw a couple of tables order bottles of liquor. The place was very busy, always a good sign.

tom kha gai

Tom kha gai

I’m still feeling my away with Thai food so I ordered fried prawns, which came with some fried green vegetables and some fried white vegetables. Lots of breading, but good. But not enough.

So I ordered tom kha gai, a creamy coconut soup with chicken, mushrooms, lemon grass, galangal (related to ginger) and lime leaves. Tasty but spicy. 230 baht or less than $8 total for both.

I really didn’t need all this extra walking around tonight because I spent much of the day walking around, in the hot sun. I had decided to do a dry run walk to the immigration office so that I was sure where it is. The Google map information I’ve been getting has not been accurate. I knew it would be a  long walk but it turned out to be twice as far as what I thought it would be.

When I go next week to get my 30-day visa extension it will be via motorcycle taxi, not by foot.

Not content with all that exercise and sun exposure, I decided to go to the beach early to fish. The tide was just coming in, the waves were minimal, my Thai friend was fishing, and I needed to work on my tan. Now, interestingly, it’s considered somewhat in poor taste to take your shirt off on the beach, or to go swimming without a shirt.

DSC_0170Too bad. I don’t swim fully dressed. That’s what swimming suits are for. So, I pulled off my shirt, baited my hook, and waded out chest deep to cast. My friend had two lines out but hadn’t caught anything. He came over and presented me with two bait he had caught. These are exactly like what we called greenbacks in Florida, except these were large. Either they get bigger here or this was the end of their life cycle.

Anyway, neither of us hooked anything.


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