Clamming on the beach

On the beach last night, at dusk, I noticed a group of people at the water’s edge in some sort of activity. It looked like a photo op so I hustled my way over to find these people engaged in some sand clamming.

Basically, there were three men with long-handled tools that they were dragging through the sand where the water was lapping against the beach. The ends of the tools had a razor-like device attached that slices through the sand and dislodges any shellfish that might have buried themselves.

The process apparently needs someone to drag the “dislodger” and another to follow behind and quickly grab any clams before they dig back in. There were three diggers in this group, and they worked in unison in order to cover a wider area. It didn’t look like they were going to find enough clams for dinner, much less for the market.

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Earlier that morning, Yui and I walked to Tha Baquette for breakfast – shepherd’s pie and apple crunch for me, a banana and a pastry for her.

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