If you don’t fish, this post won’t interest you

My bestest of friends know that I’m an avid angler. I prefer salt water because of the mystery and size differentials compared to freshwater, but either will do. So when I left the great Gulf Coast fishing for Costa Rica nearly six years ago, it was with the understanding that my future home would provide ample opportunity to fish from shore.

fishHasn’t quite worked out that way, though. In fact, I haven’t caught anything bigger than 8 inches since. And fishing opportunities have been rare, even though I lived two blocks from the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica, four blocks from the sea in Croatia, two blocks from the sea on Sicily, on an island in Indonesia surrounded by water, on an island in the Caribbean, again surrounded by water, and now in Hua Hin.

One of the main attractions of this place for an at-least semipermanent stay was its beach. It looks very much like the beaches I was used to in southwest Florida.  White sand, low wave action. There are some differences here, however, and after a week my fishing from the beach has been a failure.

This evening, instead of going to the beach to chunk a metal spoon at a seemingly empty sea, I decided just to walk the beach.  The tide was very low and there were more people than usual walking the beach. I even ran into my neighbor and his family from the first floor.

I also found some help for my fishing problems, and some hope that there are fish off this beach. About 100 meters from where I’ve been fishing was a rod and reel in a sand spike, no owner in sight. He turned out to be 50 meters away at the seawall and when I knew the rod was his I had to walk over to learn from a local.

He turned out to be very friendly and showed me his end tackle setup for weights and hooks, which he wires himself, and the bait he was using (dead shad). It looked very much like a shark setup but he said not for shark but for snakefish. These get pretty large from what I’ve seen. The tackle was also similar to what I recently bought.

My new angling friend also said the big fish start to arrive off the beach in February, through April. Don’t know what those fish are but they are likely some sort of schooling fish like jack or blues.

I also asked him how far he went out to cast – to his shoulders. So you have to walk out a ways before casting.

Always seek out the locals if you can. Kind of like tomorrow when a local woman is helping me open a bank account. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.

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Lifetime journalist, author, magazine editor and publisher, now semi-retired and traveling the world. My plan, after living in Costa Rica for 14 months, was to visit a new country in southern Europe every three months to experience the culture and the challenge of adapting to a new environment, while on a fixed income. That plan was sidetracked when I was offered a job in Indonesia, providing an opportunity to explore Asia. Indonesia lasted for a 4 wonderful years but I have now moved on to Hua Hin, Thailand.
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