Lunch in the neighborhood

While there are not many places really close to my apartment to eat, I did find a number of local restaurants during a long circular walk at midday today. Temp was 32 C (90 F) and very sunny. I had four tasks for my walk: 1. have business cards printed; 2. buy some batteries, beer and Diet Coke; 3. find a printer; 4. find lunch.

  1. Unfortunately, there were some font problems with my JPEG so have to redo it and bring it back for printing.
  2. Done
  3. I had located a local stationary shop previously and after a long walk found it again. However, they had only one printer, at $60, so I passed. I’ll have to check at Tesco next time I go.
  4. My walk went down the main highway about a mile, and returning to Soi 51 to connect with the street (soi) going to my place. Turns out, Soi 51 has several local eateries, but it’s still a 3/4-mile walk from my apartment. I opted for the grilled pork, added a side of vermicelli and a soda. The pork came with a somewhat spicy, and sweet sauce that was tasty. The menu suggests they specialize in Thai meat and seafood salads.

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After lunch, I stopped by a local laundry to check out prices. Looks like they all charge by the piece. A shirt costs 15 baht (50 cents) to clean and press, underpants 5 baht, t-shirts 10 baht. That translates to maybe twice what I was paying in Batam, and to make it worse I have to walk a half-mile to the laundry.

My four years of getting my laundry washed, dried, ironed and folded for $6-7 a week are apparently over. I’ve reverted back to doing my own, washing my first batch in the shower yesterday using dish soap. Stuff’s hanging around the apartment trying to dry.

I will use the laundry only for stuff that needs to be pressed, such as my batik and Hawaiian shirts. When I move to the first floor, I understand there is a washing machine available, although I was told they just had to fix a flooding problem because of it.

Not a problem, You have to adjust to the local situations.

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