25 Reasons You Should Never Travel to Indonesia

I just came across this at https://indonesia.tripcanvas.co/beach-islands/travel-to-indonesia/ and wanted to share:

There’s been so much hype about Indonesia. We just don’t understand why.

That could only mean one thing – these people must never have travelled to other destinations before.

Here’s 25 reasons to convince you that travelling to Indonesia is absolutely pointless.

1. It’s not like Indonesia has a great sunrise view.

1. borobudur

Borobudur temple

Photo via 

2. Light from heaven? Come on, it’s only Jomblang cave in Yogyakarta

23. Jomblang cave via Zexsen Xie Photo via Zexsen Xie

3. The glowing lava at Kawah Ijen Volcano is so blue it hurts

20. Kawah Ijen Puchong Pannoi

Photo via Puchong Pannoi

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Photo by Olivier Grunewald  

Thumbnail by: Olivier Grunewald

4. There’s really nothing to see at Munduk Moding Plantation, just clouds

munduk moding

Infinity pool at Munduk Moding Plantation

2. munduk moding 2 via dreamka tour

5. See crater lakes in Mount Kelimutu? Nay, not pretty either.

12. Mt Kelimutu, Flores via Shann Biglione

Yeah, they will change color, but that’s all.

12. Mt Kelimutu, Flores collage

Photo via holykaw.alltop

6. A sea of ugly islands you don’t need to check out?

Wayag 6.

 Wayag islands at Raja Ampat

7. Water bungalows in Raja Ampat? Ugh, the water is too dirty!

13. rajaampat islands via misoolecoresort

13. rajaampat islands via misoolecoresort 2

Misool Eco Resort

8. Watch sunrise at Tebing Keraton in Bandung? I would rather snuggle in my bed.

4. tebing keraton via rajatourbandung

Photo via rajatourbandung

They say Tebing Keraton is the coolest destination in Bandung on Instagram. I say, spare me please, I can see the same thing in Norway.

9. There’s no interesting wildlife in Indonesia

Traveling to Komodo Islands is like entering the Jurassic Park. Why would you risk your life eaten up by these wildly-roaming monsters that can grow up to 3m?!

8. komodo islands view via remotelands

The one-ton heaviest known bony fish Mola Mola is not interesting either, seriously, don’t bother diving at Nusa Penida

8. mola mola via divetravelfriends

10. Don’t even mention about the stingless jellyfish in Kakaban islands, they are truly gross.

9.kakaban jelly fish lake via CheanChong Lim

Photo via CheanChong Lim

11. Panoramic view at Kalibiru, Bukit Menoreh? Nope, you will fall to your death.

16. Kalibiru, Bukit Menoreh via Sherly Septiana

Photo via Sherly Septiana

12. Desert? There’s not even a blade of grass here at Gurun Pasir

5. gurun pasir mount bromo via setapakkecil

Why bother going to Gurun Pasir at Mount Bromo?

13. Too humid and wet in Green Canyon Java

6. green canyon java via youkeepustraveling.com

Photo via youkeepustraveling

14. Indonesia has no culture

What about the Minangkabau dance again?

7. minangkabau dance via archipelagofastfact

Photo via archipelagofastfact

You have to take more than 11 hours to reach the Waerebo Traditional Village. Are you sure you want to see this weird place?

7. Waerebo traditional village via minakmataphotography.wordpress.com

Photo via Minakmataphotography

And what’s so special about these paper and bamboo monsters during the Ogoh Ogoh festival in Bali?

7. ogoh ogoh via thejakartapost

Photo via thejakartapost

15. Kenawa Island in Sumbawa just resembles Middle Earth. Now what’s all that hype about?

22. Kenawa Island in Sumbawa via telusuri.org

Really, what’s there?

Photo via telusuri.org

16. Have I told you about the smelly white lake at Kawah Putih?

10. Kawah putih via vebi

Photo via Vebi

17. You will be alone in Karimunjawa with lots of tiny islands like this

11. Karimunjawa private islands by Eri via Path

You will be BORED to death 

Photo via Eri

18. Indonesia’s beaches are not unique at all.

Do you know about the Tanjung Ringgit beach in Lombok? It’s pink, eww.

14. pink beach via Ferdinan Darmalim

Photo via Ferdinan Darmalim

Kolbano Beach – Copycat of Nice’s pebble beach in France

14. Kolbano Beach via yukpegi

Photo via yukpegi

There’s no one here at Walea beaches at Togian Islands, absolutely no one, so boring.

14. walea beaches togian islands via waleadiveresort

Photo via Waleadiveresort

19. The urban planning in Bandung is just so messy.

21. Caringin Tilu, Bandung nightview via nicko vandha

Photo via Nicko Vandha

What’s wrong with those people who keep going to Caringin Tilu for the night view?

20. Madakaripura Waterfall? Why do you want to get yourself totally wet in here?

15. Madakaripura Waterfall via jelajah-nesia.blogspot.sg

Photo via jelajah-nesia

21. The underwater life isn’t really interesting

17. rajaampat islands via Conservation International: photo by Sterling Zumbrunn

Raja Ampat Islands (Photo by Sterling Zumbrunn)


Bunaken National Park (Photo via originaldiving)

17. wakatobi via dailynewsdig

Wakatobi islands (Photo via dailynewsdig)

22. What’s there to say about Lake Toba? Too overrated.

18. Lake toba via Clement Gultom

Photo via Clement Gultom

23. Why are people so fascinated by this abandoned plane that’s chilling out at someone’s backyard? Seriously. You can find it anywhere.

19. abandoned plane kuta

They are just ruins, isn’t it?

24. Why bother climbing Puncak Jaya when you can conquer greater mountains? Say, Everest?

24. carstensz pyramid puncak jaya, papua via yukpegi.com

Photo via yukpegi

25. Mount Bromo is just another volcano

25. Mount Bromo via bromoeastjava

Photo via Mazrobby

You should really never travel to Indonesia, because…….
friendly indonesia kids

Photo via worldnomads

Once you are here, you’ll fall in love, and won’t bear to leave.

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