Must Visit Destinations in Jayapura

Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani

As the capital of Papua Province, Jayapura has developed into one of the most advanced and busy cities in the province. But not many people know about attractive sites that are offered by the city. Despite its less-famed touristic destinations compared to Raha Ampat, Jayapura owns many natural beauties that will captivate any wondering eyes.

There are three most-recommended sites in Jayapura you can put on your travel list.

  1. Lake Sentani

This is the largest lake in Papua and one of three largest lakes in Indonesia. It is situated not far from Sentani Airport, Jayapura. It is not difficult to reach the lake because the road will take you along the lake soon as you exit the airport on your way to Jayapura downtown.

The lake offers stunning views that combine the blue of the lake water and the green of the mountain ranges. One of the best places to enjoy this view is from a region called Khalkotte, which is prepared for tourists. Once every year, the region hosts the impressive Lake Sentani Festival.

Trying the distinctive culinary of papeda and snakehead murrel soup a la Sentani would also be an enjoyable alternative.

  1. McArthur Hill

McArthur hill is located in Ifar Gunung region not far from Sentani Airport. The hill is a witness of the arrival of the US army in Papua during the World War II. Here, General Douglas MacArthur stayed for preparation for the battle against the Japanese army.

To reach the hill, you have to go through a meandering and uphill road between canyon and Cyclops mountains. Since the area is within the area of military installation, you will be asked to leave your ID card at the guard station.

What’s more than its historical tale is the hill’s panoramic scenery. You can see the stretch of Lake Sentani and the airport. Best time to be on the hill is in the afternoon before the sun goes down.

  1. Base G Beach

The beach’s name may sound unfamiliar, but the Base G beach is more than worth a visit. It is not far from Jayapura, only about 15 minutes drive. You will be charged Rp10,000 at the entrance for parking. If you plan to spend the whole day at the beach, guesthouses are available for Rp150,000 for the whole day.

Base G’s best spot is at the end near the rocky hill. There, you can feel the sea waves pounding on the big reefs. The colors exhibited by the yellowish-white sand meeting with splashes of waves are captivating. Further in the ocean, the color turns blue, blending with clear tosca before finally meeting the blue of the sky.

In certain times, the tide is high since the beach faces directly to the Pacific ocean. During these times, swimming is too risky. However, sitting by the beach with the wind breezing would be enough.

So, if you happen to be in Jayapura for some business, take some time to visit those three destinations. Jayapura will never let you down. – Tempo

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