The Four Sacred Rice Dishes

rice dishes

There are four types of rice dishes that always served in sacred ceremonies or Sultan’s birthdays in Yogyakarta Palace. The four dishes are nasi kuning, nasi megana, nasi gurih and nasi blawong.

The tradition has been done since the reign of Hamengku Buwono I. The companion for the rice, soups and side dishes are bobor soup, brongkos, and bacem chicken, which are favoredby Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX.

According to Raden Ayu Nuraida, wife of the late Gusti Bendara Pangeran Haryo Jokokusumo (youngest brother of Sultan Hamengku Buwono X), the four kinds of rice resemble salvation and often given out to the people during the ceremonies, except for nasi blawong, which is exclusive for the Royal family.

“Only nasi blawong rarely found in other places since it is sacred,” said Nuraida.

Nuraida has written book entitled “Culinary Heritage of Yogyakarta Palace” but she did not include the recipe to make nasi blawong on her book since it is sacred. If you are tempted to try the savory-reddish rice dish, you can try it at Gadri Resto owned by Nuraida. –Tempo

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