Introducing, the new weblog for Batam’s expatriate community!!

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I would like to introduce you to an exciting new information and marketing product that might be of interest to you and/or your company. Right now it has a pretty long URL ( but soon that will be shortened to

So what is Batam Expat? First, it’s an information portal for news about Batam’s expat community, about your activities, interests, events, and news. Batam Expat will also bring you other news about Batam that might be of interest to you, such as articles on new business development and government policies affecting expats.

But we want Batam Expat to be, first and foremost, about and for the expat community. That’s why we have included a section for your events – golf tournaments, luncheons, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. – space for your FREE personal classifieds, a dedicated area for company news and even an up-to-date ferry schedule.

To Sign Up: Subscribing to is easy – just enter your email address in the box in the upper right of the page and you will receive updates via email whenever new information is posted. Sign up today so you don’t miss anything!

To contribute: If you have news you would like to be posted on, simply go to the “Contact” page and fill out the necessary information, with your contribution in the “Message”  box.

If you have photos to contribute, please use the email link below the Comments form and attach your photos to your email.

We are still refining and welcome your suggestions. But first, please sign up at

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