Tale of the bacon

It was a sweet, sweet gift. Quite unexpected and it’s implications did not register with thebacon packaged giver. It was just a throwaway comment – “Do you like bacon?” – during the course of a discussion with the just-returned-from-Sydney landlord about rents collected and due. “Sure,” I stuttered. Was he about to try to sell me some bacon?

Apparently, a just-moved-out tenant had left him some groceries, including several pounds of U.S. bacon. That’s as in capital U.S. BACON. The $15 for 12 ounces kind that you can find in Singapore. But the kind you can’t find in Batam.

The landlord had an extra pound. Of real bacon. It was mine! All mine! It was frozen solid, but mine, all mine.

And I love bacon.

Since it was almost breakfast/lunch time, I decided to defrost the package and divide it up for future meals. Unlike in the U.S., however, the portions were smaller, 3 pieces per portion. One portion was put in the fry pan, and soon the wonderful aroma of frying bacon permeated the apartment. Four portions were refrozen and the last sits in the refrigerator until maybe tomorrow. You have to extend and savor this experience.

Even the bacon grease was awesome. Over easy eggs taste far better cooked in bacon grease than in oil. A very tarty breakfast/lunch indeed.



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