Healthcare and dogs barking

You have to admit, that’s a catchy headline. Anyway, as I was sitting out on the steps, with the usual on ice, trying to listen to my music, all I could hear was the constant barking of my next door neighbor’ dogs. But more on that later. So I decided rather than be angry at a dog who was just responding to stimuli or at his owners, who obviously can’t hear the dog barking in their freaking ears!!

Let’s talk about the local healthcare situation. I’ve already posted about the convoluted way they had me get a blood test for HIV and a TB test, with a trip to the other island, even. Well, Friday, Troy and I had to go to the “health clinic” to have our TB test rashes read. My looked more like a soot smudge, but whatever.

The clinic was a three-wing, single-story yellow and white building. Signage was poor and I doubt I would have known where to go on my own. Troy knew someone, asked something and we were pointed to a door at the other end of the room. The room we were in was open air, doors wide open, with a bunch of chairs organized in the middle. Looked like a classroom.

Inside the second room were two women in white nurses uniforms. At first, it didn’t appear that they wanted to be bothered with us, but when shown the paperwork we brought from St. Kitts, they decided to evaluate the test results. I guess if the area the shot is given gets all weird then you have tested positive. They positioned some sort of white piece of tape over the smudge and then wrote into a notebook like I remember having for school in the 6th grade. Everything was longhand into this notebook, you know, the kind with the black and white cow design on the cardboard cover. That was the record of my tests – a scribble in a fraying-at-the-edges 6th grade notebook.

Now, the dog. The neighbors are two really nice ladies, and the boy, Jumaya, is a pest but a good kid. But they keep a dog in some sort of a pen in the back of their yard, and he’s also chained. He’s a skinny brown mutt and I’m sure if he was let to run free he would probably not stop until his heart gave out. Nightly, when it’s coming time for his dinner, he will bark incessantly. If the donkeys or the goats come into the yard, he will bark incessantly.

One night, I guess the donkeys were in the yard all night, the dog barked all night. The next day I jokingly said to Huggins that I was going to kill her dog. She laughed and said, “those darn donkeys” or something like that. She’s hard to understand.

Tonight, the dog barked from about 5 until 7. He’s finally quiet now, probably because he was fed. I’m not sure the owners actually “hear” him. I remember an incident with my youngest brother and his wife, and their son, who was about 4 at the time. This was 20 years ago.

I was at their house for a game of cards. We would get together frequently to play cards. We played in their dining room, which had a very nice wooden floor. We were playing cards, and their son was not getting the attention he was used to. He tried interrupting conversations, he tried asking mommy or daddy for something. But they were busy.

Eventually, the boy started hitting a small wooden baseball bat against the wooden floor. He walked around the table we were playing on, beating the floor with the bat as he circled – and yelled. This went on for quite a while before I had to ask for it to stop.

The parents were quite surprised. Didn’t notice, they said. They probably just tuned him out, just like my neighbors tune out their dog.

Got my first paycheck from my new employer Thursday. Friday I went to the bank to cash it. I needed two forms of ID and I had to cash it at the issuing bank, Scotia Bank. There was a line and it took about 30 minutes.

Later, I went to the “Food Fest,” part of the Culturama celebration they have going on here for a few weeks. It was kind of like an American country fair, except much smaller. They even had tables with winning vegetable and fruit entries. Their were kids in costume dancing during the brief time I was there to take pictures for the paper. And a few booths selling pizza and other meals.

Turns out Culturama is giving me two days off Monday and Tuesday. I know this only because I went out of my way to say goodnight to Troy Friday leaving work. “see you Monday,” I added. Luckily, or I would have been waiting uselessly at the door Monday morning for someone to open the office. Not going to be open, Troy said. Tuesday neither. Should make for an interesting time putting out the paper on Thursday. Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, four consecutive off days here might make my head explode. Aug. 15 – Batam here I come!

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  1. Anthony Flagiello says:

    when I was a kid if I went around hitting a bat on the floor my mother would take the bat from me and whack me with it ending the problem.

  2. 2bagsandapack says:

    quit that age ages ago. rather be celebate

  3. Jacj Ettinger says:

    have Dewi send you some naked pics and have phone (email) sex.  lol   Hang in there buddy, dogs and all. Funny you mentioned donkey’s.  We get them most everyday, wild ones, and the dogs bark too.  You and I, after all of our excapades with young women, will NEVER EVER be able to go back to women our ages.  Agree?  I feel your pain and frustration.  J

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